What immunisations/medications should I bring?
Please consult your doctor for advice on this. Usually, it is a good idea to carry analgesics and prescription medication you are required to take.
Do I have to organize my own flights and transfers to and from the Ashram?
The festival committee is not arranging flights and transfers. You may want to check with the National Youth Coordinators. We encourage youth to travel in groups.
Do I need a visa to enter India?
Yes. A visa is required to enter India if you have a non-Indian passport. It is recommended that you check with the Indian Embassy, Travel Agency or airline you are travelling with.
Can I stay outside the Ashram?
Delegates are encouraged to stay in the Ashram.
Can I stay with youth whom I know or family (for eg. parents or partners/spouse)?
Parents with children will be accommodated together as long as the couple are both registered. Youth travelling with parents or with their spouse cannot be guaranteed accommodation together. It is recommended they come prepared to share rooms with other youth.
How will youth be accommodated?
Boys will stay together and share rooms. Girls will stay together and share rooms. Accommodation blocks for the boys and girls will be separate. Families (Youth couple with children) will be assigned a room.
Can I use my phone in the Ashram?
Yes. However, it is important to note that one should keep the mind focused on the purpose of the festival and on Swami, His teaching, and values at all times.
What is the expected dress code?
Boys: Long white trousers and white shirt. No short sleeve vests, No short pants.
Girls: Sarees or Punjabi suits (any colour).
What should I pack for the Festival?
A travel guide will be issued closer to the festival.
Will there be a strict guidelines and daily structure during the program?
Yes. Ashram and festival rules will apply at all times. The purpose of the festival, the sanctity of the Ashram, and omnipresence of God must be remembered at all times.
What is the expected code of conduct?
Behaviour appropriate for a place of worship is required. Guidelines will be provided on the festival website.
How much money should I budget and bring to the Festival?
Accommodation, Lunch, and Dinner will be provided during the festival without any cost to the delegates. Usually, $US 300 is sufficient for a week visit to Prasanthi. ATM’s are available in the Ashram if needed. However, you will need to verify that international access is available on your ATM card.
Can I explore the village outside the Ashram?
Yes, you can do that before or after the festival.
Can I choose not to participate in some Festival components?
You are encouraged to participate in the festival as that is the purpose of the visit and effort has been made to provide a rich and engaging program.
If I need medical assistance, what should I do?
A medical team will be available throughout the festival.
I need to give my parent the name and contact details of a responsible youth. Who should they contact?
Its best to discuss this with your Regional and National Youth Leaders.
Can persons outside the youth age range participate?
Youth outside the age range will be considered for participation on an individual basis. There are persons outside the youth age who remain active supporters and advisors for the youth group. They will be invited to participate. Senior leaders of the Sathya Sai International Organisation will participate. The organizing team is considering to invite selected younger youth to participate also.
Preference will, however, be given to youth within the youth program age group.
If I need daily supplies, where can I get them?
Basic necessities will be provided. There is a supermarket in the ashram which sells supplies. Details of its opening times will be provided upon checking in at the Ashram.
I'm not really that involved or consistent in Sai activities. Will this event apply to my lifestyle?
We encourage all youth to open their hearts and minds and give it a go! This is the first ever youth festival and we hope you join us and make it a memorable milestone in the Sai fold and in your own life!
Will it be an intense 3 days of activities and Sadhana?
Yes, interspersed with time for reflection and conversation.